Friday, January 21, 2011

What is MTN PayGo? Everyday Question from Mtn Users

What is MTN PayGo? Everyday Question from Mtn Users................ANWSER

MTN PayGo is a simple tariff plan that we designed with the aim of empowering you to do so much more with your mobile phone without having to pay more.
So don't be surprised that MTN PayGo has everything you ever wanted in a mobile plan and so much more!!!

My fellow 9ja, MTN is at it again ooooooooooo!
I refused to migrate to the Happy, Fun or SmartLink tariff plans because I never understood what they 'really' were & MTN never cared to explain, so I remained and was comfortable in XtraCool.

And for the night call lovers........night is still on even if your XtraCool plan have been changed to can still make night call as usual 

To my surprise I woke up yesterday morning and i got a message from MTN saying that i should dial *559* and you will receive free national sms which i did successfully, to my greatest surprise i got 2,560 free national sms from MTN PayGo plan, My junior sister and her boy friend also applied the same method and they got their own free national sms but i became confuse that is not all Nigerians that were inform about this new plan, anyway thanks to MTN for the free sms, you can imagine how my Nokia 1112 change automatically change to blackberry (pinging) lol.   


Jide Ogunsanya said...

so you still pinging and ponging with your free sms?... I think i like the "MagicNumber" package. Still trying to read more about the packages b4 i migrate ooo because I wont want to enter one chance like those that migrated to funlink and co

Victor Ome Umukoro said...

lol bros i i use my first mtn line for "PayGo" while my second line for "MagicNumber" na my woman dey the magicnumber lol

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